Located in the heart of Romagna, along the Via Emilia, Forlì is a peaceful town that offers its visitors a relaxed yet lively atmosphere: the city, in fact, boasts a significant cultural offer linked to major exhibitions and museums, among which stand out the San Domenico Museums that host one of the six examples in the world of the extraordinary Ebe by Antonio Canova, as well as cultural events of high quality, all enriched by the presence of numerous restaurants and typical venues where you can enjoy the renowned and traditional cuisine of Romagna.

The historic center of the city is characterized by Piazza Saffi (Saffi’s Square), a true crossroads of stories and styles that enriched Forlì, its culture and its neighborhoods over the years: among the largest squares in Italy, it’s surrounded by different buildings dating back to various historical periods, among which stands out the imposing Bell Tower of the Roman Basilica of Saint Mercuriale, symbol of the city of Forlì. Piazza Cavour with the Orselli Gardens and the covered market is also very characteristic, and in the evening it comes alive thanks to a huge number of bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours and breweries.

The San Domenico Museum

The Saint Domenico Museums are located in the premises of a former Dominican Convent and it’s home to the oldest section of the Pinacoteca, which houses one of the six copies in the world of the extraordinary Ebe by Antonio Canova. The San Domenico Museums have become a cultural point of reference for art lovers who can find inside prestigious exhibitions of international importance that every year attract visitors from all over the world.

Piazza Saffi

Piazza Saffi (Saffi Square) is a true cross of stories and styles that have enriched Forlì and its culture over the years: among the largest squares in Italy, it is surrounded by different buildings dated back to various historical periods, among which stands out the imposing Bell Tower of the Roman Basilica of San Mercuriale, symbol of the city of Forlì. At the center of the square there is a white marble monument dedicated to the patriot Aurelio Saffi who was born in Forlì.

The Rational District

Of great impact, the War Memorial, with its high reliefs sculpted by Bernardino Boifava, is located in the center of Piazzale della Vittoria (Victory’s Square), the heart of the Rationalist District. On the Square, near to the imposing statue of Icarus, there’s the former Collegio Aeronautico (Aviation School), a rationalist building that hosts inside the evocative black and white mosaics of the painter Angelo Canevari Viterbo that celebrates the first aerial enterprises.

Romagnoli Palace

A few steps from the Museums of Saint Domenico, there is the Romagnoli Palace, a splendid architectural example of the first half of the 19th century, which hosts the renowned Verzocchi Collection, dedicated to the art of the '900 and a rare example of patronage and entrepreneurship. This precious collection presents a selection of paintings, all dedicated to the theme of the work, by important artists of the post-war period, such as Carrà, Guttuso and De Chirico. There are also some remarkable marble works by the sublime symbolist sculptor Adolfo Wildt.

The Ravaldino Fortress

Of great historical interest and always reachable with a short walk from the center, the Ravaldino Fortress, is a medieval defensive fortress, with circular towers and massive walls to protect the inner citadel. It was the seat of one of the symbols of the city, the Lady of Forlì, Caterina Sforza who in 1500 tenaciously resisted a long siege by Cesare Borgia.

The City Park "Franco Agosto"

Forlì is the definition of "people-oriented city". In fact, starting from the historic center, you can walk to all the main places of historical interest as well as the green lung of the city: the city park "Franco Agosto" where you can enjoy a lovely walk along the river Montone and in summer is the scene of many outdoor events. The absolute protagonists of the park are the rabbits, who roam freely among people.