Riviera Romagnola

In addition to being the homeland of fun and fabulous beaches, the Riviera Romagnola boasts a huge heritage of art, culture, food and wine and tells the story of civilizations, traditions and roots of a great humble and friendly people.

Visiting the Riviera, you will discover ancient fishing and salt villages, suggestive nature trails and fine seafood specialties to enjoy in peace.


Cesenatico is an evocative fishing village of Romagna, characterized by the pastel shades of the houses and the historic boats that together color the harbour (Porto Canale). The project of the historic canal is due to Leonardo Da Vinci, who in 1502, designed it in his notebook and proposed it to Cesare Borgia. Walking along the Porto Canale you can find everything: restaurants, fish taverns, piadina’s stalls, craft shops and picturesque churches, such as the beautiful Church of Saint Giacomo. Also, on the Canal there is the Maritime Museum, with its ancient wrecks, building materials, anchors and sails.


In Cervia sea and traditions are inexorably linked by the greatest treasure of the town: the salt. The Natural Reserve of the Salt Pans of Cervia is in fact a huge protected natural area, which includes the ancient Salina Camillone (Camillone Salt Pan), where salt is still collected by hand using a very ancient method. In the reserve it is also possible to live unique experiences to discover the countless animal species that populate it, including the beautiful pink flamingos. Not to be missed are the Salt Warehouses, where stands the MUSA, the Salt Museum. Finally, Cervia is known for its spas, which obviously exploit the healing powers of salt, offering innovative treatments.

Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is the perfect destination for the lovers of fun, nightlife and shopping. In this town, in fact, there are some of the most famous nightclubs of the Riviera Romagnola, which in summer evenings are full of VIPs and exclusive parties. But Milano Marittima is not only fashion and leisure, for the lovers of nature and long walks, in fact, in the pine forest you can walk different paths totally immersed in nature. One of the most magical places in the city is the Butterflies House, a naturalistic museum composed of various greenhouses where thousands of colorful butterflies fly among tropical flowers and cactus.

Marina di Ravenna

Marina di Ravenna is the most popular destination for those who want to spend happy and carefree holidays, just a few steps from the history and culture of Ravenna. It is also a dynamic and trendy place, very popular among young people, thanks to trendy bars and aperitifs on the sand: if the beach is populated by umbrellas and colored beds during the day, the evening turns into a large open air nightclub with dancing evenings, concerts and free events of all kinds and tastes. Marina di Ravenna is also a meeting point for sports and sailing enthusiasts.

Gatteo a Mare

Gatteo a Mare is a small, delightful and peaceful destination, ideal for a family vacation. Thanks to the many restaurants, bars and shops, and above all the shows organized by Gatteo Mare Summer Village, the village becomes the "largest tourist village in the world": beach entertainment during the day, and in the evening shows for children at the Giardini Don Guanella and in the main square lots of music and fun for the grown-ups. The fans of the Liscio can not miss the two weeks, one at the beginning of the season and the other in September, dedicated to this style of music, typical of Romagna.

San Mauro a Mare

San Mauro a Mare is a peaceful town and very suitable for families thanks to the presence of numerous beach resorts, parks and gardens, the marina and a lively nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants. The city has a strong maritime tradition and a history dating back to the Roman period. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including water sports, cycling along the coast, evening walks and visits to the city's tourist attractions. There is also the Castle of San Mauro a Mare and the Church of San Mauro Abate.

Lido di Classe e Lido di Savio

Lido di Classe and Lido di Savio are an ideal destination for those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday, away from the bustle of big cities. The two destinations, thanks to their location, offer many opportunities for recreation, including water sports and excursions to nearby art cities. For lovers of fun, here is Mirabilandia, the largest amusement park in Italy. The beach, which extends for many kilometers, is surrounded by a thick pine forest, in which there is the mouth of Bevano and where you can do many activities, including canoeing, mountain biking or walking.

Lido di Dante e Lido Adriano

Lido Adriano is located a few kilometers from Ravenna and is known for its extensive sandy beach and the many beach resorts that offer catering services, water sports and entertainment for children and adults. The surrounding area also offers many outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling along the trails of the Po Delta Park. Lido di Dante is characterized by wide stretches of fine sand and offers many tourist services, including beach clubs, bars and restaurants. The resort is particularly popular with lovers of nature and water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Punta Marina

Lovers of relaxation and well-being will surely be satisfied in Punta Marina: here is in fact a renowned spa, famous for its waters rich in magnesium. The area offers a sandy beach and crystal clear water and is popular among Italian and foreign tourists looking for peaceful beach holidays. Punta Marina is also known for its nature reserve, where you can enjoy long walks in the shade of the pine forest, observe the local fauna and flora and admire the sand dunes. In conclusion, Punta Marina offers a wide range of accommodation and restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Marina Romea e Casalborsetti

Marina Romea is a popular tourist destination for summer holidays, especially for families with children. The resort has a wide range of accommodation facilities, including hotels, camping and holiday apartments. Marina Romea is also an ideal base for exploring the surrounding nature, with the nature reserve of Punta Alberete a short distance away. The neighbouring Casalborsetti is a very popular seaside resort during the summer season, thanks to its wide beach. The town is rather small, but offers many services, including restaurants, bars, shops and a marina where you can rent boats for excursions into the sea.